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Customer Feedback and Survey App

Happiness Wand is a simple and powerful tool to measure your customer happiness. It consists of a mobile app for collecting customer feedback and an all integrated cloud-based user interface for realtime reports and analytics.

With the minimum of effort on the part of the customer, their feedback is gained through a simple and intuitive interface. This data is invaluable for increasing customer engagement and loyalty creation.

Interface for real-time analytics

The cloud-based interface helps business owners and managers to assess customer responses in real-time with dashboards and reports.

Real-time notifications

Instant notifications will be sent to managers and administrator when negative feedback is submitted.

  • It enables businesses to reach out to customers quickly and respond to issues virtually as they arise.

Multi-language support

Happiness Wand supports single or multiple languages.

  • It is possible to set up the kiosk in any language

Survey App for iPad and Android tablets

  • The multi-OS support helps to install the application on any tablet which runs on iOS or Android operating systems.

Smiley (Emoji) based Kiosk Interface

Smiley based feedback interface makes the customer survey simple and easy.

  • Highly customizable Kiosk interface
  • Option to manage survey questions change them as per requirements

Supports multi-site businesses

Multiple regions and business units can be set up in the application.

  • Multiple Kiosks can be created for each business units
  • Different managers or supervisors can be created for each region and business unit

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