Awesome features available on all plans

Multi-language support

Supports single or multiple languages. It is possible to set up the kiosk in any language.

Supports multi-site businesses

The App supports multiple regions and business units. This can be set up within the system easily.

Create unlimited Kiosks

Each establishment can have different devices (Kiosks) at key locations or sales points within a single business unit

Real-time notifications

Instant notifications will be sent to managers and administrators when negative feedback is submitted.

Dashboards and reports

Happiness Wand offers real-time dashboards and reports for easy analytics.

Easy Smiley (Emoji) based

The kiosk interface is a Smiley-based feedback system that makes the customer survey simple and easy.

Highly customizable

The Kiosk interface has the option to manage survey questions and change them as per the requirements.

Multi-OS survey app

Happiness Wand is available for Android and iPad tablets.

Futuristic features

Happiness Wand meets all the requirements of modern business for minimalistic, non-intrusive customer satisfaction and survey app.