How to configure Happiness Wand?

Step 1: Login

Visit and sign in to your account.

Step 2: Location management

Happiness Wand supports multi-site businesses. You can collect and analyze feedbacks based on the business regions and business units.

To manage your business regions, from the Navigation menu, select Locations > Region.

To manage your business units, from the Navigation menu, select Locations > Business Units.

Note: If you have only one location, you may not have to create regions or business units.

Step 3: Users management

There are three types of users in Happiness Wand.

To manage your users, from the Navigation menu, click on User management and select the user type you want to manage.

Note: It is mandatory to create at least one Kiosk user to login to your iPad or Android tablet. If you have only a single site business, you may not have to create region managers or business unit managers.

Step 4: Configure surveys

From the Navigation menu, select Settings > Survey Settings

It shows the four types of responses (Smileys/Emoji) which the customer can select to submit their feedback. By clicking the corresponding “configure” button, you can configure the responses.

Here you can provide the Smiley labels in primary and secondary languages, survey questions to be asked and the final ‘thank you’ message.

To add a new survey question, click on ‘Add new question’ and enter the question. To display the proper type of keyboard (number pad, text keyboard etc.) on the Kiosk interface, select the matching ‘Answer type’. If you want to allow the customer to skip the question, select the option ‘Yes’ for “Can the answer be skipped?

Once all the fields are configured save it by clicking the button “Save Settings

Step 5: Configure Kiosks

From the Navigation menu, select Settings > Kiosk settings

Here you can change the defaults settings set to your Kiosk. You will be able to set the welcome messages to be displayed on the Kiosk, your company logo, and the theme color.

Step 6: Subscriptions

From the Navigation menu, select Settings > Subscriptions

Here you can manage your Happiness Wand subscriptions. If you want to renew the subscription click the button “Renew subscription” and follow the instructions.

For more details, please go through the FAQs related to subscriptions.

Step 7: Account details

From the Navigation menu, select Settings > Account details

This page contains the details related to your account with us. Please make sure that all contact details are up to date.

Step 8: Install Happiness Wand App on your iPad or Android tablet

Install the Happiness Wand App from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store on your Apple/Android device and sign in using the login credentials (for kiosk) created in Step 3.

For Kiosk, we recommend using a device with a larger screen (8 inches or above). Happiness Wand supports iPads with iOS 9 or later.

For further assistance contact