Customer feedback has now become one of the main things that help in the growth of the business. You will be glad to know that customer feedback has become the main driver for long term growth. At the present times, the business tries every opportunity for talking to their customer and learn about their needs. More and more businesses are spending a huge amount of money setting the channels for getting customer feedback. 

There are so many tools that are available for collecting customer feedback. If you are not aware of them, then you are missing a great piece of information. Let’s dive straight into these different ways of collecting customer feedback.


Surveys are one of the most effective ways by which you can get feedback. You will be amazed to know that the surveys are very easy to set, send out, analyze and scale. There are mainly two kinds of ways by which you can approach surveys. The first one is long surveys, and in this survey, a list of questions is prepared and then sent out to the customer’s list in the form of a link. After some time, when you check these surveys, you have all kinds of surveys that you need for running your business. It is advised that you should use some tips and tricks to create the long surveys so the customer cannot ignore answering your questions. 

Another option that you have for getting the survey is the short survey. If you are throwing a full-fledge questionnaire on the face of customers, then it can become boring to them, and the customer might not engage in it. So, it is advised to you that you should keep your survey simple and short. In this way, you will get better feedback. Using surveys as the starting point of getting feedback is the right option for businesses.

Reach your customers directly

This is one of the most amazing, and we can say, the most undervalued way of collecting customer feedback. If you are really wanting to understand your customers, then you really need to go to them for talking. With the help of surveys and feedback boxes, you will not be able to get contextual information. There are a lot of reasons for which you need a deeper analysis of your customer sayings. If you do not reach out to your customer, then you won’t learn that what is going on in the head of the customers. When you do this thing in person, then you will get bonus points. The only thing that you need to do is go through the list of your customers and then see who are the local. You can invite those customers on lunch and let them know that you want to know about their feedback related to your business products and services. 

Analyze the user activity

It is very nice to know that which are the features and the components of your site your customers are using and how often they do that. Most of the products of analytics would not let you know that what the individual person is doing. The reason behind this is that they are only built for tracking the whole website and not only the customers. But if you use customer analytics, then you will be able to watch the activity of every individual. When you go through the user activities, then it becomes much easier for you to know about the reason that the specific outcomes are occurring. 

Phone calls

As we have discussed earlier that if you really want to understand the needs and desires of your customers, then you need to talk to them. With the help of surveys and the tests, you will get a lot of data, but the thing is that they lack in telling you what the person really feels about your products. this is the reason when you need to reach out to your potential customers, and the most effective way by which you can do this is through the phone calls. By hearing the tone and voice of the person, you can get the best feedback. The person who is managing this whole task should be friendly, and they should not do it because they have to do it. It is the best thing that they are doing because your business cares about your customers.

Monitor your business social medial handles

By engaging with your customers, sending them direct messages and responding to their comments on your post, you can see that how people are really feeling about your product. In this kind of way of collecting customer feedback, there are chances that you will get fast responses, so you need the resources in order to watch out for your handles. It is one of the best ways to track the events as well as trends that can help in influencing your company.